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Foxy Brown NYC Brawl…..

All press is good press right……. unless your ass end up in jail once again!

Raunchy Rapper Foxy Brown was in the middle of massive brawl a couple nights ago in the lobby of a New York City apartment building — and she narrowly missed her second run-in with cops in just over a week.

Witnesses say Foxy was visiting someone at a luxury high-rise on 43rd Street when the fight broke out. A source tells us that Foxy was throwing down with several people in the lobby. It’s unclear at this point what sparked the brawl.

We’re told it took more than 10 people to break up the fight, and the NYPD eventually showed up on the scene — but Foxy fled before the officers arrived. No arrests were made.

According to a source, one of the people Foxy fought with was her manager. When we called her manager she would only say, “No comment.”

Eight days ago Foxy was arrested in NYC for allegedly mooning a neighbor and violating a protection order. She’s been charged with public lewdness, harassment, and criminal contempt in that case.

[via. TMZ]

Foxy Brown – BK Anthem

Foxy Brown Spotted in NYC

Foxy Performing on The Queen Latifah Show when she was only 20!

NYC’s Times Square Closed!!

Times Square is closed for investigation tonight Saturday May 1, 2010. There was an explosion tonight at around 8 pm. Law enforcement stated that there seems to be a timing device, black powder, gasoline, and 3 propane tanks left in a black Nissan SUV. The vehicle is being treated as a “failed device”. Times Square is empty right now and it has been this way for about 3 hours! Let’s hope everything goes good tonight.