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Mimi Explains Herself…..

“If people don’t understand me and think i’m just this girl that stands by a microphone and sings “Hero” then they’re definately not gonna get me”

America’s Sweetheart Mariah Carey had an interesting night the other night when she was at the People’s Choice Awards in Palm Springs, California when she accepted her award a little twisted. It’s actually pretty funny if you ask me, but I guess she’s getting some slack about it, loosen up people!!!

Frankie vs. Chilli

Mother of Keyshia Cole Frankie, got a little too drunk @ an ATL party a couple of days ago and tried to attack TLC singer Chilli!!!!

chilli-pics61Frankie Cole leaves Mr. Chow after attending a BET after party

According to a reliable source, Frankie, being crazy as she is saw Chilli, in who she’s a big fan, and started singing Waterfalls. Chilli then looked at Frankie like WTF??!! Frankie then proceeded to launch up to poor little Chilli and try to attack her! According to Frankie, blame it on the aaaaaalchol. But it was much more deep than just Frankie being drunk. Frankie the next day got on a radio show here in ATL and said that she feels as if all of Keyshia’s “peers” look down on her as if she’s a crack head and she wasn’t there for Keyshia. I think Frankie just needs to lay off the alcohol and talk to someone maybe a good psychologist out here in ATL and get her mind right, there’s nothing wrong with her we all have our days lol.