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Music Video: New AZ – Feel My Pain

For those of you who don’t remember AZ he is a rapper who came out in the mid ’90s, and was also in the mega group “The Firm” which consisted of Foxy Brown, AZ, Nas, and Cormega.

Throwback AZ

“Hey AZ” feat. SWV

“Firm Biz”


So Hard To Say Goodbye – Coko

Ultimate Breakup Music – Coko’s “So Hard To Say Goodbye” from her Hot Coko album has been on repeat oh my iPod all day!! And might I add, who can blow like this?!!


Nicki Minaj Vibe Spread

Sorry Lil’ Kim :-(

I’m sure y’all read in my last blog addressing the whole Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj beef, that I kinda went at Lil’ Kim. Well, I was just speaking off of the dome and didn’t really do my homework on the entire situation, i felt as if Kim was just coming at Nicki for no reason, but after doing a little homework, I ain’t mad at Kim! Listen to this shit.

The Lil’ Kim Side of the story, I feel her now. Sorry Lil’ Kim 😦

“Let’s talk about the last thing she did that was very subliminal. [She said] “Oh, did I kill the queen?” and puffy’s sitting right next to her riding with that bullshit?” C’mon we ain’t stupid”. – Lil Kim

Statistics – Lyfe Jennings

Like usual one of our underrated artists Lyfe Jennings puts out a song “Statistics” that I believe a lot of  our young women need to listen to!

Album in store June 29, 2010

Throwback Lyfe Jennings – S.E.X. RIP LaLa Brown


The New Apple iPhone 4!

The next thing on my to-get list. The iPhone 4. Check out the video. Also for those of you wondering if you are eligible for an upgrade, AT&T made it simple. Simply dial *639# and you will receive a text message from AT&T letting you know if you are eligible for an upgrade.

Knockout – Lil’ Wayne feat. Nicki Minaj

My new favorite song of ‘010! Free Wayne he is a beast! and I’m feeling Nicki in this also.

Monica Performs the Star Spangled Banner

Monica performed her rendition of The Star Spangled Banner, today at the NBA Playoffs Boston Celtics and LA Lakers game on ABC, and sounded great as usual.

Lil’ Kim vs. Nicki Minaj

Not sure what to think about this yet…… nah right now I feel like Lil’ Kim made her statement back in the day and it seems like once someone else comes in the game and is getting some shine, the older rappers are mad. I fucks with Lil’ Kim and I’m not a fan of Nicki Minaj per se and I do feel like she swagger-jacked Kim and Foxy but  I mean, let the girl do her thing, lets all make some money. The catty bullshit is the reason why these female rappers don’t have any longevity anymore they are too busy tryna come at the next girl (which is type entertaining), but come on lets get back to the music. Foxy vs. Kim, Foxy vs. Remy, Remy vs. Kim, Foxy vs. Queen Latifah, Kim vs. Charli, Queen Pen vs. Foxy, Trina vs. the my neck my back girl, Kim vs. Nicki, Nicki vs. Keys, Lil’ Mama vs. Nicki may I continue…smh….i mean come on doesnt it get old eventually! Lets get in the booth and make some “No Time” “Get Me Home” “Feels So Good” shit with meaning besides going at the next girl…show her how its done instead of saying it…. ugh. sorry had to get that off my chest.