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What’s going on in the life of Chris Fox

Week In Trinidad!

I had to pleasure last week to spend a week in the beautiful island of Trinidad & Tobago! I didn’t get to Tobago, but I did have the opportunity to explore Trinidad like i’ve never done before. The last time I visited Trinidad, I was about 12 so I didn’t do much, but being out there this visit I realized there is a lot to do out there. I really underestimated it! Can’t wait to go back and see my grandparents again!


Hey y’all whats been going on?? Nothing new here, just settling back into NYC, on the grind! (NYers y’all know what I’m talking about!) Just wanted to touch base and see how everyone is, hope  y’all been enjoying the blog! My hits have been going up so I guess I’m doing something right! let me know otherwise, feel free to shoot me an email @ to give some feedback, or just to say HI! You can also follow me on twitter to keep in contact!

Love y’all!

Christopher Fox


Hey guys, I’ve been very bad lately and not blogging like I’m supposed to due to my move back to NYC. I signed on the other day and noticed that I get at least 230 hits a day even though I haven’t been blogging, so I decided to get back on my blogging ish ‘011 style. Got a fresh new design for the new year! Check out the blog and feel free to subscribe, comment, and leave feedback, all feedback is good feedback.  Hope to hear from you soon!

What’s Goodie?!

Hey y’all, I know it’s been a minute, I was going through some things, totaled my car, had a bad breakup etc. But everything is all good now, anyone that knows me knows I’m a trooper therefore, I’m back! There hasn’t been much going on that interested me to blog about but don’t worry I’ll be back on my blogging ish asap.

So Hard To Say Goodbye – Coko

Ultimate Breakup Music – Coko’s “So Hard To Say Goodbye” from her Hot Coko album has been on repeat oh my iPod all day!! And might I add, who can blow like this?!!


New Foxy Brown Fox Pic

My pug Foxy Brown Fox at about 7 months! She’s already a model. I took this pic with my iPhone, who needs a camera anymore lol

What’s Good???

What’s good readers, just a monthly update on life. I’m basically chillin taking life one day at a time. Life’s looking up these past couple months. My job is finally letting me transfer to Atlanta, so I’ll have more time to blog! I know I’ve been slacking but I’m hardly ever home. I know y’all forgive me though lol.

Becoming an uncle this month, ugh time flies, I was just in High School a couple of years ago! My cousin Diana just hatched she had a beautiful healthy daughter Kaylee last week, and my little sister Chrystine is due in about two days. Congrats to them!

As seen above, I got my nipple pierced two days ago, and I’m still in uber-pain!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T LET ANYONE LIE TO YOU AND TELL YOU THAT SHIT DOESN’T HURT! I wanted to punch the piercer in the face!!! lol. j/k, but it hurt! I got it done @ South Side Tattoo in East Point, GA by Alexis Allan he’s really good, clean, and professional, so if you’re looking for someone to do yours he’s the one in Atlanta, GA.

Anyway, I’ll be working on blogging more often. Till next time. Love y’all!!!

Christopher Fox