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Bad Bitch of the Week

Votes are in and the Bad Bitch of the week is……(drumroll)…

Kerry Washington!!!!!


Kerry Washington is one of my favorite actors! I remember when she was on that dancing movie, and looked CRAZY…now every movie I see her in she looks better and better! Chris Rock’s “I Think I Love My Wife” was the movie that made me start paying a lot of attention to Kerry, below is a couple clips from the movie, and daaaamn she looks good! Also last night I watched Lakeview Terrace, and she looked way too good in that movie!

Diddy’s Bad Girls!

Cassie & Lauren London


As I’m sure everyone has heard actor Lauren London is pregnant with rapper Lil Wayne‘s baby….She’s happy…so i’m happy 4 her….i guess…..And singer Cassie had a couple nude pix circling around the internet. What’s going on Diddy?? get your girls!!

Aubrey O’Day…wow!

Where is Aubrey O’Day?


Former member of Danity Kane, known as the bad girl/rebel of the group, Aubrey O’Day is looking quite edible in her recent pix! Aubrey, better known for her stint on the reality show “Making the Band”. I feel like she was one of the most misunderstood people in reality tv. Not really sure what she’s up to now but I know if she was to start doing porn, she would definitely give Jenna Jameson a run for her money!

Sup Readers!

What’s Happening??

Weekly update on whats new in the life of Chris Fox.


As you can see I changed the layout of the blog!!!!! Thank God because that other one was hideous. Other than that not much going on, I’m in the process of enrolling into SCAD-Atlanta (Savannah College of Art and Design) for my second degree, majoring in Graphic Design! My family business Elegant Window Concepts Inc. is opening an interior design branch, which I am to head, so that’s looking up! I’m planning my birthday, this year i just wanna go to an island and sit on the beach all day, that should be fun i’ll update ya’ll next week on where exactly i’m going gimme some cool ideas, I’m thinking Dominican Republic! We’ll see.

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Bad Bitch of the Week!

VOTE!! 2 more days left!!

letterman celebs 7 250609

Whitney Houston’s new album!

Good news to the music industry, the ultimate diva/singer, Whitney Houston, is coming out with her seventh studio album “I Look to You” in September!!! I’m excited! What about you? Real vocal music is making a comeback!

Some more artists getting ready to drop albums to look forward to are Monica and Mariah Carey ’09 is looking good.

EXCLUSIVE: Chris Brown apologizes!


Singer, Chris Brown apologizing to fans and to ex-girlfriend pop singer Rihanna after physically assaulting her in February 2009. And according to our reliable Chris is in talks with Oprah to appear on her show in the future. We’ll see!


Comment. Lemme know if you feel it’s sincere!

Lil Kim and Cyndi Lauper!!

Lil’ Kim and Cyndi Lauper perform at Nelson Mandela‘s Birthday Concert @ Radio City Music Hall in New York City Saturday July 18, 2009!

Mandela Day Concert

Lil’ Kim and Cyndi Lauper performed one of my all time favorites “Time after Time” and one of Lil’ Kim’s singles “Lighters Up” at the Nelson Mandela Birthday Concert @ Radio City Music Hall in New York City, and ok I can’t lie, when i first watched the video I was laughing hysterically at Lil’ Kim trying to sing, but then as the performance went on I felt her, something about this performance got me! Just that Lil’ Kim would put herself out there like that, I have to commend her. You can tell she was extremely nervous when she first started but then she got it together. And Cyndi Lauper rapping!!! Priceless! This is historic!  And might I add, they both looked stunning!

Check out the video of the performance below, and leave a comment, lemme know what you thought about this performance!

Happy Birthday Chrystine!

Birthday glitters myspace comments

July 20, 1990, the world didn’t know what a big mistake it was making when it let this girl in!!! My little sister Chrystine! She’s a problem! Mini-Me! Love her! Happy Birthday the one and only Chrystine Fox


*Bad Bitch of the Week* Poll

Who do you think should be the *Bad Bitch of the Week* this week??

zoesalandakeriwashLathan, Sanaania

In order: Zoe Salanda*Kerry Washington*Sanaa Lathan*Nia Long

*The winner will be featured on *It*s Chris Fox’s Blog on Friday  July 24, 2009!

Last Weeks Winner: Meagan Fox!


Kanye West Louis Vuitton Jasper Black Sneakers

Aight I know we are in a recession and everything but these shoes are officially *SICKNASTYDUMBSTUPID**!


Anyone that knows me, knows I’m all down for an all black good-toe*. These Kanye West Louis Vuitton Jasper Black Sneakers retailing at aprrox $1,000, these sneakers are off the hook! IDK if it’s worth a whole thousand but if someone wants to buy em for me please do!

*good-toe=hot shoe

*sicknastydumbstupid=so hot that it gets four words in one!