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Week In Trinidad!

I had to pleasure last week to spend a week in the beautiful island of Trinidad & Tobago! I didn’t get to Tobago, but I did have the opportunity to explore Trinidad like i’ve never done before. The last time I visited Trinidad, I was about 12 so I didn’t do much, but being out there this visit I realized there is a lot to do out there. I really underestimated it! Can’t wait to go back and see my grandparents again!

Throwback: Monica – Inside


Hey y’all whats been going on?? Nothing new here, just settling back into NYC, on the grind! (NYers y’all know what I’m talking about!) Just wanted to touch base and see how everyone is, hope  y’all been enjoying the blog! My hits have been going up so I guess I’m doing something right! let me know otherwise, feel free to shoot me an email @ itschrisfox@aol.com to give some feedback, or just to say HI! You can also follow me on twitter to keep in contact!

Love y’all!

Christopher Fox

Fly Girls of the ’90s

R&B Girl Group Total, Femcees Foxy Brown, Lil’ Kim, and Da Brat show what fashion was like back in the ’90s!

A lot of leather was going on back in the ’90s do I see a comeback???

What about the nails?? No??? lol.

Foxy Brown @ BET’s Rip The Runway 2011

61 y.o. Woman Driving With Mannequin in HOV Lane Gets Caught!

I’m from Islandia which is in the boonies of Long Island, NY. Being so far this idea has popped in my head numerous times! Who doesn’t wanna be in the HOV lane?? Thank God I never did it though after seeing this! Check out the article below!

A a 61-year-old woman from Mount Sinai, L.I., was caught driving in the HOV lane on the L.I.E. Tuesday morning between exits 58 and 57 is Islandia with a life-size mannequin in the passenger seat.

Suffolk County police say they became suspicious of K.A. Frascinella carpool when Deputy Sheriff Robert Howard noticed the female passenger wearing sunglasses and a visor on a cloudy morning.

Howard then found that the passenger was really a half body mannequin fully dressed in a long dark wig, scarf, blazer, and matching shirt and belt.

Frascinella was issued a traffic ticket with a fine of $135 and two points on her license.

Suffolk County police stress that unchecked abuses like this can lead to traffic congestion, and must be taking seriously.

“At first glance, this may seem humorous,” said Sheriff Vincent F. DeMarco, “but it is not a joking matter when you drive off with a ticket.”

Nevertheless, this has happened once or twice before.

[via: NBCNewYork.com]

Teairra Mari – Stranger (Official Video)

photo retouched by Christopher Fox Designs

The Real Housewives of Civil Rights (Comedy)

New: Faith Evans – Right Here (Official Music Video)

Another vocalist Faith Evans has dropped a single off her new album “Something About Faith” in stores and online now. Faiths voice is like caramel, so smooth its rediculous! LOVE HER and Love the single. I told y’all REAL music in ‘011!

Old But New: Lil’ Kim – Black Friday (Official Video)

Lil’ Kim finally dropped the video for her first single from her mixtape, “Black Friday”, she was basically going at Nicki Minaj’s head in this song, I loved the song, the mixtape however… but yeah check out the music video, comment, tell me what you think.