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What’s Happening??

Weekly update on whats new in the life of Chris Fox.


As you can see I changed the layout of the blog!!!!! Thank God because that other one was hideous. Other than that not much going on, I’m in the process of enrolling into SCAD-Atlanta (Savannah College of Art and Design) for my second degree, majoring in Graphic Design! My family business Elegant Window Concepts Inc. is opening an interior design branch, which I am to head, so that’s looking up! I’m planning my birthday, this year i just wanna go to an island and sit on the beach all day, that should be fun i’ll update ya’ll next week on where exactly i’m going gimme some cool ideas, I’m thinking Dominican Republic! We’ll see.

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Bad Bitch of the Week!

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*Bad Bitch of the Week!*


After much deliberation, I came up with the *Bad Bitch of the week*

Meagan Fox


Storming onto the scene (my cousin lol…j/k…) Meagan Fox, this 22 year old bombshell, often compared to Angelina Jolie, came in and took the spotlight from a couple of Hollywood heavy weights. This “Transformers” star is not only known for her striking sultry blue eyes which seems like it was made for her long jet black mane, her talent is on point.