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“The Naughty Kitchen”

mainHeader_SONEWOK, so tonight I watched for the first time Oxygen’s “The Naughty Kitchen” with Chef Blythe Beck, and must I say I LOVE IT! Being that I work in the industry, I love how they show the mania and frenzy of how a restaurant is run.¬†Reality TV lately hasn’t really been giving me much to look forward to, but i’m def TiVo’ing this one. Chef Blythe Beck’s personality alone is the show, her charismatic personality captures you. She keeps it real and everyone knows I love someone that keeps it real. ¬†She calls the hostesses “Door Whores” and goes on stating that she doesn’t really like servers (waiters). It’s just hilarious you have to watch it. It comes on Tuesdays on Oxygen 10/9c.