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Foxy Brown on The Mo’Nique Show

The King Bitch Foxy Brown, along with her god-mother Pam Grier the original Foxy Brown, made an appearance on The Mo’Nique Show in Atlanta looking good as usual. It was just recently taped so I’m not sure exactly when it airs, I’ll definitely keep y’all updated. Foxy said via her Twitter @foxydondiva, that Mo’Nique, Pam Grier, and herself cried like babies at the thunderous applause she received when she walked out on stage.

She also went on to say it was a very intimate conversation, so intimate that she now considers Mo’Nique family.

“My god-mom Pam whose legacy I’m honored to have carried on and globalized, cried happy tears for Baby Foxy! It was beautiful. God is Good!”

Good to see Foxy doing her thing again, and them tits are still bananas! Love You Fox, come back and show these chicks how its done!

A little Foxy Brown throwback from ’98