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T.I’s stylist needs a raise.

itschrisfox stamped sick ass outfit. it just looks so effortless.

Kanye West Louis Vuitton Jasper Black Sneakers

Aight I know we are in a recession and everything but these shoes are officially *SICKNASTYDUMBSTUPID**!


Anyone that knows me, knows I’m all down for an all black good-toe*. These Kanye West Louis Vuitton Jasper Black Sneakers retailing at aprrox $1,000, these sneakers are off the hook! IDK if it’s worth a whole thousand but if someone wants to buy em for me please do!

*good-toe=hot shoe

*sicknastydumbstupid=so hot that it gets four words in one!

Not really into suits, but this one right here!


Anyone that knows me knows that I’d rather throw on a button up shirt and sum slacks and maybe a tie, but Kudos to whoever put this look together cuz it is fye*. In this pic rapper¬†Cam’Ron is dressed in a Moschino suit, not too tight and not too baggy, they found a median between the hood and fashion thing. The colors in the suit is mixed in with both the tie and the shirt. I’m even more impressed because they mixed stripes with polka dots, talk about thinking outside of the box. ¬†Might have to go get me a suit.

*fye=fire=hot=a new word i learned in the A.