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Sex and the City 2 Trailer

For all you Sex and the City lovers, Sex and the City 2 is in theaters May 27, 2010!

Lil Kim and Cyndi Lauper!!

Lil’ Kim and Cyndi Lauper perform at Nelson Mandela‘s Birthday Concert @ Radio City Music Hall in New York City Saturday July 18, 2009!

Mandela Day Concert

Lil’ Kim and Cyndi Lauper performed one of my all time favorites “Time after Time” and one of Lil’ Kim’s singles “Lighters Up” at the Nelson Mandela Birthday Concert @ Radio City Music Hall in New York City, and ok I can’t lie, when i first watched the video I was laughing hysterically at Lil’ Kim trying to sing, but then as the performance went on I felt her, something about this performance got me! Just that Lil’ Kim would put herself out there like that, I have to commend her. You can tell she was extremely nervous when she first started but then she got it together. And Cyndi Lauper rapping!!! Priceless! This is historic! ¬†And might I add, they both looked stunning!

Check out the video of the performance below, and leave a comment, lemme know what you thought about this performance!