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[Poll] The Hills: Real or Fake?

After watching the Final episode of the Hills, do you think it’s real or fake?

Nicki Minaj Vibe Spread

My Man – Jamaican Skit, HILARIOUS

The Game Begins Taping New Season in September ‘010

Just got an email stating that Tia Mowry was on The Wendy Williams Show yesterday and stated that they are going to begin shooting another season for BET’s “The Game”, a show that I never understood why it got cancelled, in September. Something to look forward to!

WEEDS – A must see!

If y’all have not watched Showtimes comedy  “Weeds”, get to blockbuster asap and catch up, there is six seasons to keep you occupied. This show is CRAZY! It’s about a white lady who smuggles drugs, and immigrants into the US. It’s off the hook, check out the video below, it’s a trailer for season 4, we’re now on season 6.

Diddy’s apology to other Vodka brands

Diddy apologizes to all the other vodka brands because his Ciroc is better lmao!

Beauty grows in Trinidad!

Just a few of the beauties representing for Trinidad!