REAL HIP-HOP: Remember Shyheim?

Before hip hop became bubble gum, before Lil’ Bow Wow, or Lil’ Romeo, straight out of Staten Island, NY there was Shyheim who at the age of 14 had a flow that was more severe and potent than that of his contemporaries, blasted into the relative obscurity of the now Shyheim’s vocal abilities and lyrical content seem to vastly outshine that of the watered down fly-by-nights of today.

One’s 4 Da Money – Shyheim 1994

Pain – Shyheim 2010

Shyheim talking bout how 730 Foxy Brown was back in the day.

One response to “REAL HIP-HOP: Remember Shyheim?

  1. OMG I love Shyheim, since back in the day….Parent hood, Waterfalls, you name it, i love him!!!!

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