What’s Good???

What’s good readers, just a monthly update on life. I’m basically chillin taking life one day at a time. Life’s looking up these past couple months. My job is finally letting me transfer to Atlanta, so I’ll have more time to blog! I know I’ve been slacking but I’m hardly ever home. I know y’all forgive me though lol.

Becoming an uncle this month, ugh time flies, I was just in High School a couple of years ago! My cousin Diana just hatched she had a beautiful healthy daughter Kaylee last week, and my little sister Chrystine is due in about two days. Congrats to them!

As seen above, I got my nipple pierced two days ago, and I’m still in uber-pain!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T LET ANYONE LIE TO YOU AND TELL YOU THAT SHIT DOESN’T HURT! I wanted to punch the piercer in the face!!! lol. j/k, but it hurt! I got it done @ South Side Tattoo in East Point, GA by Alexis Allan he’s really good, clean, and professional, so if you’re looking for someone to do yours he’s the one in Atlanta, GA.

Anyway, I’ll be working on blogging more often. Till next time. Love y’all!!!

Christopher Fox

One response to “What’s Good???

  1. I had mines done for 3 months now n yes it do hurt but only a couple secs so the pain is manageable…

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