Oprah Winfrey Whitney Houston

The worlds greatest singer hands down, Whitney Houston, sat down with the King Pin of all media, Oprah for a candid one on one interview. Whitney is a totally new person, her whole aura is different now that she is off drugs and away from that ass hole of an ex husband Bobby Brown. I missed the first part, but I caught the second part since it was a two day series. While watching the interview I thought to myself, this is historic, WHITNEY HOUSTON IS BACK!! This is something that everybody was hoping for and didn’t think was really possible after seeing Whitney a couple years ago. Vocally she’s a little rusty, but she could still sing the hell out of a song, and I’m sure she’ll get back to her full vocal ability as time progresses. Another thing that excited me about the interview is that her daughter, Bobbi-Christina stated that she is also planning on having a singing career, if she could sing anything like her mother, the music industry needs her, she’s 16 now so she is old enough to start working and i’ll definitely support.


Also let’s support Whitney’s new album “I Look To You” in stores now, #1 its first week, let’s support!


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