“2010 IS SWV’S YEAR”

swvSWV is a female group started in the early ’90’s comprised of three ladies, Coko, LeLee, and Taj, who disbanded in 1999 but according to lead singer Coko, SWV will be in the studio starting next month and 2010 will be SWV’s year!!!!!! The diehard SWV fan I am, this is like the best news that i’ve got all year as far as music! I would pay to sit in on one of those stuido sessions. Coko in a recent interview on Atlanta’s V103 w/ Ricky Smiley, stated that back in the day the ladies were all young and didn’t realize how much they impacted music and felt as if the group got no love, and recently the group realized how wrong they were. What also shocked me is that Coko didn’t like her voice!!!!!!!!! WDUM*????, but she now realizes how powerful and unique it is. SWV is by far one of, if not, the best female trio’s to ever come out. Their harmonies have never been matched and is unique to only SWV.  Can’t wait till that first single!

SWV – Rain

We can’t forget the swag!


Follow Coko @CokoClemons << show her some love and go cop her new Gospel album “The Winner in Me”


*WDUM = What do you mean?

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