Who’s That Girl??

l_7ffd93087dd36f68cf490640c44a9ce3Where have you been?!¬†She’s Nicki Minaj and if you want a menoge’ keep a couple pretty broads! Another one repping Trini, this Queens, NY native has been on the underground rap scene for a minute. I first saw her on “The Come Up”, and always thought she had a star quality about her. She is also part of Lil’ Wayne’s “Young Money”. A lot of people give her flack saying that she’s too much like Foxy Brown or Lil’ Kim, but I feel like she’s doing her own thing. She recently released a mix-tape “Beam Me Up Scotty”, which i’ve purchased and it is OFF THE HOOK! Her flow and delivery is like nothing i’ve heard from a female emcee ever. Nicki Minaj has yet to become mainstream but I’m looking forward to see her make it! Much Love Nicki! Check out her Myspace for some of her music. http://www.myspace.com/nickiminaj << Make sure you check out “Slumber Party” and “Itty Bitty Piggy”


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